10 Tips on How to Brew Better Coffee at Home

Do you love the taste of a fresh cup of coffee in the morning but don’t always have time to go out for breakfast? Or maybe you’re tired of paying expensive prices for coffee at your local café. Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will share 10 tips on how to brew better coffee at home. 

With just a few simple tweaks to your brewing routine, you’ll be able to make delicious cups of coffee that rival anything you could buy at a café!

Make better coffee with a Nespresso machine

If you’re looking for something that will give your coffee more flavour and body, we recommend using a Nespresso machine. You’ll enjoy personalised coffee with a consistent quality. Don’t forget to buy Nespresso compatible capsules at reputable stores! 

Use freshly roasted beans

One of the most important tips for brewing better coffee is to use fresh beans. When you buy freshly roasted beans, you’re getting beans that are at their peak of flavour. As beans age, they lose their flavour and aroma, so it’s best to use them as soon as possible after roasting.

Don’t over-brew your coffee

If you over-brew your coffee, the beans will start releasing bitter flavours that can ruin an otherwise delicious cup! To avoid this problem, make sure you’re using a timer when making your morning pot and only brew up enough grounds for what you’ll drink right now (or within two hours). 

That way, there won’t be any leftovers sitting around getting stale on purpose or by accident—both are no good!

Brew with good filtered water

Coffee needs water to extract its flavours, so it’s important to use good filtered water when brewing. If your tap water tastes funny or has a lot of chlorine in it, you’ve to invest in a quality water filter tap online.

Find the right temperature for brewing coffee

The ideal temperature for brewing coffee is between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. If the water is too hot, it will extract unwanted bitterness from the grounds. If it’s not hot enough, the coffee will be weak and lack flavour. Most coffee makers have a temperature control setting, so you can adjust it to get the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Add some ground cinnamon or nutmeg to your coffee grounds

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your morning cup of coffee, try adding some ground cinnamon or nutmeg. These spices have a natural sweetness that goes well with the flavour of coffee. They also contain antioxidants that are good for your health. Just be sure not to add too much as these spices can quickly overpower the taste of coffee if used in excess.

Use freshly squeezed lemon juice in your coffee

Consider adding lemon juice to your coffee to add flavour without making it too sweet. It’s also a good way to add a touch of brightness to your cup. Just be sure not to use too much or it will overpower the coffee’s flavour.

Here’s a little bonus!

Try adding coffee grounds to your favourite recipes for additional flavour

Coffee is great on its own but did you know that it can also be used as an ingredient in other recipes? You can use instant coffee granules or freshly ground beans like normal spices would be used. Try adding them into baked goods, such as cakes or brownies for extra flavour!