10 Best Tips For Starting A Youtube Channel In 2022

It’s known to us that Youtube remains one of the rapidly growing global platforms that has given rise to various creators. Youtube online-based platform enables people to watch and upload videos. Creating videos for YouTube or becoming a widely recognized creator is still a dream of many.

YouTube is now a daily peep in lifestyle. Ask anyone for something they will tell you, “you will get everything on YouTube.” It’s the highest website that has people bewitched into taking a look at it. Every other professional to common people and brands or businesses are here to share their video content with audiences. You can also share a wide range of movies and song collections. Here you find people of different languages and their culture. Daily soaps to web series everything you can find, that too for free. 

98% of the Youtube content here is free to watch, without restrictions or anything like that; this is one of the features that make YouTube the most loved website.

YouTube is the most promising website. It is useful not merely for content consumers but also the creators. Investors invest money to promote their brand with the help of creators and YouTube. 

If you are looking to create a YouTube channel, then are a few tips to help you start your channel in the coming year. 

1) Prepare the concept

Strong foundations are the reason why the buildings are strong. Planning out things beforehand is pretty useful while sorting out things. If you are damn serious about setting up your own YouTube channel, then you should work harder to make things work. The first task in front of you is what kind of videos you wish to make. There are different genres, so you should be careful while choosing one and your entire channel is going to depend on that.

2) Introduce yourself 

Once you decide what kind of videos you will shoot for your Channel, the next task in line is to choose a proper name. Know that you will be noticed and will be called by the name you will use for your Channel; for example, your YouTube channel is YTY, people will know you by this name only. Finalized the name now; it’s time for the intro. The intro is important for any video, so work on creating a catchy intro.

3) Set up the Channel 

Every other above task is useless if you don’t open a YouTube channel. Start setting up your Channel. There are a few steps and guidelines to follow, and they are a must. The main requirement is a google account. It’s better if you already have one. While setting up, you will have to give your phone number and other things to verify that you are creating a channel and a few terms and conditions. Make a youtube video and grow it to heights. It’s an opportunity that opens a door for unique wanderers.

4) Account verification

There are many existing features that YouTube gives to the creators, and to gain these creator benefits, you need to verify your YouTube channel. It’s a very simple process: go to youtube settings, click on the channel status to see a page look at the top, you will see the verify button click on that after clicking you will be getting an option in what way you like to verify and a code will be sent.

5) Check YouTube algorithm

Knowing how things work should be a priority. If you know how it works, you win half of the game. Every application or website comes with a format that follows its chances of reaching a maximum number of people. So know the YouTube algorithm. How does it work? At what time are people active on this platform? And so on. Keep checking out the ways and be updated.

6) Record relevant videos 

An important factor, recording. While recording, remember to stick to the topic you have decided; at times, we speak continuously and end up going on another track, so figure out how you will go about the shoot. If you find it tough to do, then shoot differently later you can merge and get completely ready to go video.

7) Maintain quality

The audience will always appreciate a good quality video, so make sure the video quality is low so that a person cannot watch it even on phones. It’s okay if you don’t have a high budget to spend but make sure whatever you are shooting is properly shot. Quality and decency are important for a YouTube video.

8) Add audio 

Bad quality audio is disappointing, and you can’t afford it, so make sure that audio is audible if played on computers or laptops. YouTube videos should have some good quality audio; therefore, look deep into it and make it obvious that your YouTube videos have good quality audio.

9) Use subtitles

Tough to believe, but subtitles play a good role for the rising YouTube channel; it creates an impression about the creator being concerned about the audience. Use it. Write subtitles for your video that will be able to view for even those who are especially able. People with different languages can also get hold of your videos. Make an attempt to do so.

10) Leverage the use of search engine

YouTube itself is one of the largest search engines, so use it for your benefit. Use keywords for title, caption, or places available to be shown automatically when similar content is viewed. Make it easily accessible to the audience. Make your Channel and video appear on the high results of search engines.


YouTube is a great platform for those interested in showcasing their talents. If you correctly follow the above techniques, it will be easier to accomplish the goal. A good video consists of emotions, hard work, patience, and willingness to do it. Use it well and create good quality content. Show the world how capable you are. Good luck with your new journey in life. 

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